Wednesday, February 20, 2008


The BRAVIA LCD TV is SONY'S top of the line desktop LCD Television. Now comes the SONY BRAVIA POCKET TV, a portable mobile LCD TV with radio function. Introducing their two new models; the SONY BRAVIA XDV-G200 and XDV-G500.

The XDV-G200 has for its impressive specifications a 1 Seg TV Tuner and an AM/FM Radio Tuner. The 2 inches QVGA crystal clear LCD screen is perfect for watching those not to be missed sport specials with an 8 hours TV viewing time; and a maximum of 18 hours for FM Radio listening enjoyment. Sleek dimensions of 58 x 92 x 14 mm and light weight at 87 grams, it is as portable as a regular Digital Media Player.

The VDX-G500 is the BRAVIA POCKET TV as SONY loaded it with a 2 GB internal memory to be used mainly to record 1 Seg TV Programs. It features a 3 inches TFT screen with a high WQVGA resolution. At 107 grams, this nifty TV can be used for up to 8 hours TV viewing and an extended 27 hours for FM radio listening.



SONY recently launched its 2008 line of WALKMAN DIGITAL MEDIA PLAYERS. These versatile multi-media players support various formats including MP3, WMA (Windows Media Audio), ATRAC Advanced Lossless, Sony PCM, AAC, and HE-AAC audio file formats.

The new SONY DIGITAL AUDIO PLAYERS are constructed at an amazingly 9.3mm thin at an incredibly light weight of just 59 grams. Thoughtfully equipped with a Bluetooth module to allow users to enjoy uninterrupted wireless audio experience at a maximum battery life span of 36 hours. These versatile players can also be used as a PMP, with the ability to play video for about 10 hours.

The SONY NW-A829 is built-in with 16GB internal memory; while the NW-A828 comes with 8GB standard memory. Either way, it's an exciting fun-filled media player providing versatile portable media entertainment. The era of the Digital Walkman has finally evolved to digital perfection.